This website uses U8 font created by Estonian designer Anton Koovit. Anton started with this when he researched the signs of Berlin subway stops. U8 was a subway line, which connected the districts of Reinickendorf and Neukölln through the Alexanderplatz railway junction. U8 was closed due to the situation which emerged after the Second World War. Untouched stops of the line proved to be just the right inspiration source for the designer. Initially handwritten, the name boards of the stops laid the foundation of a modern font. A total of 14 fonts belong to the family of U8 today.

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The website of #sexbetween men is meant to provide practical and thoroughly honest information about this topic. The website has been created by the National Institute for Health Development, so it can be fully trusted. Furthermore, you can order a free testing kit to test yourself for sexually transmitted infections at home.